Corrosion Management & Corrosion Protection Services:

    1- Site Surveys / Investigations
    2- Feasibility studies of the system
    3- Design, installation and commissioning of sacrificial anodes or ICCP system
    4- Turnkey External Corrosion Direct Assessment  (ECDA) Methodology
    5- Data Integration / Management
    6- Audit of existing CP system and up gradation
    7- Supply of CP and internal corrosion monitoring material and devices

MAS Services team includes specialists in Corrosion Control and Cathodic Protection. It is supported by the considerable resources of its parent company.  
From its warehouse MAS Services is able to supply a wide range of Cathodic Protection materials and associated components. 

The firm is also involved in providing local engineering services such as:

    1- Feasibility Study
    2- Pre-design Survey
    3- E-log I test
    4- Soil Resistivity Survey
    5- Installation of CP Systems
    6- CIP Survey
    7- DCVG Survey
    8- Current Drainage
    9- Ultrasonic wall thickness survey of pipes
    10-Audit of Existing CP System

In addition MAS Services has established multiple links with the local vendors in order to meet the client requirements locally.