The list of some of the materials kept in stock to meet the urgent requirements of customers:

  1- Valves, Fittings & Gauges
  2- Internal Corrosion Monitoring Equipment such as

    a)   ER Probes
    b)   Corrosion Coupons & Holders
    c)   Retriever Kits
    d)   Instruments
    e)   Access Fittings
    f)    Internal Monitoring Software

  3 - Cathodic Protection Material such as:

    a)   Anodes
    b)   Anode Backfill
    c)   Transformer Rectifier Units
    d)   Portable Reference Electrode
    e)   Soil Resistivity Meter 
    f)    Current Interrupter
    g)   Distribution Boxes
    h)   Shunts & Resistors
    i)    Big Fink Test Stations
    j)    Splicing Kits
    k)   Flange Insulation Kits
    l)    Surge Diverters (Spark Gaps)
    m)  Cadweld Chargers & Moulds
    n)   Cathodic Protection Survey Equipment
    o)   Cable and Pipe Locator
    p)   Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge