The company undertakes turnkey contracts / projects for and on behalf of our international associates. For effective project & contract management from inception to completion of the contract, we provide the following: -

     1- Providing information to our associates
     2- Establishing contacts with client project team
     3- Assisting in tender preparation and advising about local laws & regulations
     4- During contract execution stage, providing necessary backup to project team in the field
     5- Managing contractual problems
     6- Providing local manpower & logistic support to our associates
     7- Pursue for timely payments for completed work to avoid claims
     8- And any other services that may be required for the smooth execution of contract / project

In addition, MAS also undertakes local contracts / projects on its own
Engineering Equipment
Casing / Tubing (OCTG)
Crossover & Pup-joints

Drill Pipes

1- Drill Collars
     2- Heavy Weight Drill Pipe
     3- Drilling Accessories

Line Pipes
Boiler Tubes
Dopes / Drilling Compounds
Pipe & Fittings

     1- Flanges
     2- Gaskets

Industrial Valves
Industrial Fasteners
Pumps Spares
Fusion Bonded Epoxy

High Quality Filtration & Separation Steel Filter elements – Slot Tubes, Cylinder, Welded Screen, Looped Screen Electro Mechanical Equipment Supplier

Electro Mechanical Services
(in association with our foreign associates)

Repair, Refurbishment, Recertification of Rotary Equipment (Pumps, Compressors etc)
Field overhaul and workshop repair of high speed, centrifugal and axial gas compressors
Repair, Refurbishment & Overhauling of Shaffer / Hydril BOPS
Repair / Refurbishment of Turbo Machinery including Steam Turbine
Provision of Specialist Vendor Services for Rotary Equipment / Compressors / Steam Turbines
Repair & Re-Certification of Oil Field Equipment such as:

Wellhead Equipment

1- Xmass Trees Tubing Head Spools
      2- Tubing Hangers
      3- Chokes
      4- Emergency Shut-Down Valves

Well-Test Equipment

Choke manifolds

Mud Pumps

Duplex & Triplex

HP Drilling Equipment

     1- Choke & Kill Manifolds
      2- Stand Pipe Manifolds
      3- Cement Manifolds
      4- Mud Pump Blocks

CP Services provided by MAS

1- Site Surveys for CP System
     2- Soil Resistivity Survey
     3- Audit of Existing CP Systems
     4- Feasibility PSP & DCVG Survey
     5- Installation of Flange Insulating Kits
     6- Design, Supply & Installation of CP System
     7- Installation of Anodes
     8- Installation of Junction Boxes
     9- Installation of Transformer Rectifier Units
     10- Repair of Transformer Rectifier Units
     11- Health Assessment of the CP Hardware which covers Transformer Rectifier Units /TEG, Negative Distribution Box, AJBs and other CP Equipment.
     12- Condition of the existing Groundbeds / individual anodes and assessment of the remaining life.
     13- Coating condition assessment in term of current density calculations
     14- CP Test Posts conditions

Recommendations for System Rehabilitation.

Corrosion Monitoring Equipment

1- Corrater LPR corrosion rate monitor
     2- Electrical Resistance Probes
     3- Weight Loss Coupons
     4- Coupon Holders
     5- Down hole Monitoring Systems
     6- Access fitting
     7- Microcorr systems / Corrosion monitoring software
     8- Remote monitoring systems

Atmospheric Probes / Dosing Nozzles