TRIBOLIGY EXPERTS- Providing a wide range of specialty lubricants SK lubricants Ltd offers a complete range of high quality Automotive Industrial & Marine lubricants. ZIC Lubricants are ISO 9001, EMS14001certified ensuring highest quality & maximum protection against engine & machine wear. ZIC is produced by using (VHVI TECH) Synthetic base oil formulation. SK lubricants’ base oil plant is the largest API Group III base oil plant in the world.  SK API Group III production meets more than 60% of world's demand of this type of oil. ZIC lubricants are produced in a fully automatic computerized PLC plant. These products deliver more power, less fuel consumption, low noise, quick starting & extend engine life.

ZIC XQ is a fully synthetic engine oil with outstanding engine protection meeting all sophisticated lubrication requirements of current world’s best automobile makers in Europe, USA, Japan and Korea.
ZIC A+ is the fully synthetic engine oil of API SM and ILSAC GF-4 engine oil performance, designed for excellent fuel economy.

ZIC A is the Synthetic engine oil of the latest API SM performance. ZIC A exceeds the performance of any other synthetic formula engine oil with the same API SM performance.

ZIC HIFLO is multipurpose premium grade engine oil of API SM and designed to provide faster and cleaner engine protection ensuring longer engine life.