HI-TEC LUBRICANTS is a   Marketing Company   engaged in sale of   imported Lubricants,   Greases,   Specialty Oils   etc.  Manufactured   by SK   lubricants& SK-Pertamina. SK lubricants & SK-Pertamina manufactures top grade Lubricants in the  world  largest  PETROCHEMICAL COMPLEX  located  at Ulsan Korea& Refineries in Indonesia.

ZIC & ZIPEX Lubricants   manufactured    by   SK    lubricants &   SK-Pertamina respectively  have  received  API approval.  Besides API approval, SK lubricants & SK-Pertamina have also received the approvals from leading engine manufactures. All our products  are  delivered under ISO 9001 Quality Standards, EMS 14001 Environment Standards and API Certification as well.

The  quality  assurance  program  under  ISO 9001 ensures  maintenance  of high standards for each unit of Lubricant produced by our Principals.

The company has distributors in 100 Cities / Town of Pakistan. For the automotive sector, we have a network of  distributors in all  major  cities of  Pakistan spanning from  Karachi   to  Peshawar.  HI-TEC LUBRICANTS   also  maintains  adequate stocking in  our  warehouse  as  well  as  with  our  distributors  which  guarantees continuous availability.

ZIC Lubricants  &  ZIPEX  Lubricants are premium and mid tier branded  products respectively  which  meet  the  approval  of the leading vehicle manufacturers and technical  institutes.  Since  last 15  years  we  have been  supplying  lubricants to most  of  the 3S dealers  of  the leading car  manufacturers. Our customer base is fully satisfied with product performance and  we have been receiving acclaim from our end users in terms of “Performance”.

The company is  also  active in  the  Industrial Sector  and  have  been  supplying lubricants / greases  to  industrial  organization  such as  OGDCL, SNGPL, NTDC,NPGCL, GENCO-III, JPCL  (WAPDA),  SEPCOL,  ELEMETEC and many others.
HI-TEC LUBRICANTS is fully geared meet requirements of Engine Oils   for Cars, Trucks, Large Transportation, Ships, Merchant, Naval & Army, Hydraulic Oil for all Industrial & Automotive Equipment and Turbine Oils & Transformer Oils etc.

These products deliver more  power, less fuel  consumption, low noise, quick starting & extends engine life.