First Lucky Draw "Jan Bache aur Lakhon Paye "

ZIC is carrying out a Road Safety Campaign ‘Jaan  Bache aur Lakhon Paye’ through which motor vehicle drivers are focused in obeying Road Safety Rules because every life matters. Free tissue boxes are given with the purchase of ZIC Motor Oil that has the Road Safety stickers of, Avoid mobile phone usage, wear seat belts, don’t litter, don’t honk (unnecessary), avoid over speeding while driving. These stickers are pasted at the back of the vehicle near the registration plate and people email & directly upload the pictures as well as Zic spotting vehicles also spot the stickers. All the entries qualify for two lucky draws. The first lucky draw was held in Lahore on 23rd Dec 2011 that had the Grand prize of One Million Rupee amongst 30 other prizes like Bikes, LCD TV, Laptops, Refrigerators, Freezers etc. CTO, Lahore Police Mr. Ahmed Mobin was the Chief Guest who did the lucky draws, also present at the occasion were Mr. Tahir Azam & Mr. Shaukat Hassan, Directors  of Hi-Tech Lubricants Limited.

Click below to view the list of the Lucky Winners of the First Lucky Draw:

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